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Standing By the Children With the Sponsors!

WECA will come to the field with the warm hands of each person.

In addition to distributing donations and goods to children in the world's impoverished regions, sponsors or individuals donate goods made by our own, ‘sharing directly’ by visiting the area and volunteering.
  • icon_comma_cWE, Together

    (Participation Donation Campaign)

  • Sponsoring company, public organizations, or individual sponsors make by themselves and deliver donated goods that low-income families or children of disadvantaged classes need.

  • Make pencil case
    (Sewing / Hot-fix)

    Make pencil case for underdeveloped, impoverished children, fill it with necessary stationery, and deliver it.

  • Make a backpack

    Make backpack for underdeveloped impoverished children, fill it with necessary stationery and deliver it.

  • Make alternative sanitary pad

    Support alternative sanitary pads for girls of underdeveloped nations such as Africa and Southeast Asia so that they can grow healthily and go to school consistently.

  • Make Corny doll

    Make and deliver corn socks dolls that will become friends for children of underdeveloped impoverished nation.

  • Make eco bag
    (Coloring / Hot-fix)

    Make eco bags and pouches for children of underdeveloped impoverished nations, fill them with daily necessities and medications, and deliver them.

  • Make T-shirts of Love

    Make and donate T-shirts for children of disadvantaged classes in and out of the nation.

  • Make organic soap

    A campaign of making and donating soap for children of disadvantaged classes in and out of the nation.

  • icon_comma_cWE, Supporters

  • We make visits to children in impoverished areas around the world and social neighbors of local areas to communicate and deliver love and hope with the talents of individuals in specific areas. Through affiliation with corporate, organization, university, and associations, the World Education Cultural Center designs volunteer activity programs that suit the characteristics of each institution, and executes volunteer activities and cultural exchange activities

Program Types

  • icon_comma_cWE, Share

    (Commodity Donation)

  • Sponsoring companies, public institutions, or individual sponsors deliver commodities to children who need help to deliver hope.

  • part_share_icon

    • Rice of Love Campaign

      Create a pencil case for impoverished children in underdeveloped countries and deliver it with much-needed stationery.
    • Corporate Sales and Distributed Goods Donation

      Support costs related to education and academics for children to grow into healthy member of the society.
      Support teaching materials costs, uniform costs, academy costs, and transportation to and from school.
    • Charity Bazaar (Flea Market)

      Help children of multicultural families and settlers adapt to society by learning Korean, and try to prevent school violence and learning difficulties occurring from language barrier.
      In addition, prevent various domestic issues through smooth communication support between parents or children.
    • Briquettes of Love

      140,000 households nationally are using coal briquettes, and about half of them, which is 74,000 households are the marginalized class who needs support such as low-income class, elderly living alone, and disabled families.
      We desire to promote warm society by delivering briquettes of love.
    • Emergency Relief Goods

      Provide free meals and supplements for children who are suffering from extreme malnutrition from not having even one meal per day.
  • icon_comma_cWE, Heritage

    (Heritage Donation)

  • Heritage donation is to deliver the philosophy and value of my life to the next generation through wealth.

Through heritage donation, you can leave the biggest gift to the world.

  • num01General consultation – Confirm donation background/donation intent and details – Confirm and assess donating assets (cash assets, realties, stocks, insurances)
  • num02Legal / financial review and advice on donation-Transfer of ownership of donated assets - Review of legal issues
  • num03Preparation of donation agreements and wills
  • num04Testament notarization and heritage donation arrangement
  • num05Post-execution of testament (actual execution of donation)
  • num06Social return and initiation of respectful treatment of bereaved families