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Greetings from Executive Director


Knowing is Strength

In the 1960s in Korea, there must have been few classrooms without this sentence. 100 years ago in Korea, more than 95% of the people did not know Hangeul, the resultant situation of not being treated humanely from such ignorance was as miserable as it could get. To this, the government induced educational fever throughout the nation with a simple phrase that all citizens must acquire knowledge. This seed of educational fever tells the current address of the present era. We are in the world's 10 largest economies. Korea has taken the first place in world’s home appliance industry, including cell phones and TV, and became an economic power that any other countries cannot exceed such as by introducing Korea’s various cultural characteristics to the world. The World Education Cultural Association is doing its best to carry on the goal of ‘Dr. Jae Sik Oh’, the gentleman of education, culture, and social welfare who had worked for the people living in the difficult environment of the 1960’s of Korea.
For the future of people around the world who are living in poor educational and cultural environments, the Education Cultural Association WECA will always be there on the scene.

Thank you for infusing us with your strength.

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