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Greetings from the Chairman


This is the Chairman of WECA.

Even at this moment on the other side of the world, there are children who struggle just to survive through indescribable fears and unbearable suffering. Because of adults’ faults, the future given to the children who are exposed to unstable days marked by hunger, illness and disaster, and risk of death is a painful time to come. There are children who are lying beside their parents, dying from starvation, people who are dying from diseases that can be simply cured, and people are living like animals because they could not learn the preciousness of life. This pain and despair continues once again for their children. Who should be stopping this chain of pain and heal this wound? For the global neighbors who are living in despair and pair from disease, poverty, and disaster, the World Education Cultural Association seeks to feel this pain together and share the difficulties. Moreover, we would like to perform Heart-Mind Welfare to heal the minds of those having difficulties amidst despair. World Education Cultural Association, along with you, will execute humanitarian support activities, such as executing relief and education support projects where help is needed, and create a world where everyone communicates with sincerity and shares by respecting others’ cultural diversity and exchanging/cooperating on the principles of mutual reciprocity.
We have so many things to do together.

If you gather your hearts together,
we will make it happen!

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