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  • How is World Education Cultural Association WECA donation used?

    WECA supports various social, cultural, and academic exchanges so that children around the world can be equally provided with high-quality education.

    Sponsors’ valuable sharing will change the future of children around the world who are neglected from education.

2018 Report on Final Accounts

Each financial operation of WECA in 2018 is hereby reported in detail as below. We sincerely thank for your beautiful support, your belief in WECA, and your sponsorship for this year.
WECA will work honestly and in good faith so that we can share the good heart you’ve sent to children.
Income Settlement
Income Settlement
Category Cost (Unit: KRW)
CMS donation1,864,619,900
Card donation322,625,755
Alliance donation106,272,500
Other donation339,791,288
Reserve for project payment (for the previous year)263,075,480
Total revenue 2,896,850,509
Expenditure Settlement
Expenditure Settlement
Category Cost (Unit: KRW)
Ordinary Expenses767,273,091
Sharing Campaign Project Cost736,185,365
Publishing PR Project71,620,551
Overseas Education Project Cost417,887,047
Domestic Children Sponsor Fee887,000
Sponsor Fee45,412,867
Overseas Children Sponsor Fee74,412,867
Domestic Education Support Expenses61,331,150
Participation Donation Campaign23,082,842
Group Home Support Fee286,000
Overseas Cultural Cooperation Support1,481,530
Property Construction Costs111,824,188
Total revenue 2,896,850,509
Tax confirmation such as public interest corporation